Residential Services

Proscape will not only bring your idea to life; we make sure it’s perfect.



Transformation begins with an idea. The Proscape team works with you to design an outdoor space of your dreams. Transformation of your outdoor space begins with an idea. Your idea. We collaborate with landscape architects (ours or yours), landscape designers and interior designers to bring your idea to life. Big or small, if you can dream it, we can build it.


The build phase is when your idea really begins to take shape. Once a project is designed to meet your specifications, we schedule the build or installation. We are careful to fit the project within your timeframe as well as appropriate planting schedules. Our expert builders are properly trained and highly skilled in the installation of plant materials, stone walls, water features, patios and formal gardens. We not only bring your idea to life, we make sure it’s perfect.

Irrigation & Turf Care

Keeping your lawn green and vibrant is Proscape’s specialty. We’ll maintain your grass, keep it clear of weeds and pests, and carefully manage your irrigation to ensure your lawn is getting the nutrients it needs without overwatering.

Be a Part of Our Team

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